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Subtitle & Main function:
Soothing and continuous moisturizing skin


Backstory & Advertising text

Based on exclusive technologies,HA can replenish moisture,lock moisture and retain optimal moisture content,leaving an aquueous and silky lock.

The specific beauty scheme,provides different skin-care ingredients for treatments of different skin problems.

HA can form a moisture barrier on the skin surface,creating durable moistness.

It can replenish the massive moisture contents for the flesh,improves the dry and rough skin phenomenon,maintain moisture for the skin.

Light fabric, fits the face tightly, makes you feel like it’s the second skin, providing every inch of skin sufficient nourishment.

Usage Methods and Tips

1, tear a small package, remove the mask started.

2, a total of two mask, ice silk stretch fabric side of spreads in the face, according to convince stickers.

3, pearl film peeled off, stretched and pressed ice silk elastic cloth, to completely fit the face.

4, static deposited 15-20 minutes to allow the skin to fully absorb the nutrients in the mask.

5, Remove the mask without washing. With cotton wipe excess facial essence, gently massage the skin texture along strengthen absorption.Due to different characteristics of each human skin, so the adaptability to different makeup is different, so before using any new cosmetic, it is recommended that you use local, if discomfort, we recommend that you stop using and consult skin doctor. This product is one-time items, can not be reused. Such as skin damage, please caution. Before use, please read the package instructions carefully.


Main Ingredient: HAAlga extractViola tricolor